Czech Nymph Tied by, Alexander Dávid

Alex Nymph

 Alexander Dávid is from Kadan in the Czech Republic.  He is a frequent contributor to the Reel Sisters Colorado Facebook page. His flies are always colorful and creative and he seems tireless in his fly tying.  I was lucky to receive some of Alex’s flies last year and they are awesome! Stop by our Facebook page and check out some of Alex’s outstanding fly tying.

Hatching Danica – almost there :-) Tied by John Terje Refsahl

Tweet Welcome to the world of John Terje Refsahl!  Terje, fairs from the Norwegian city of Hamar. He fishes the Rena river and is known for his incredibly creative patterns and use of common items such as broom s to create his flies. It’s always a pleasure to share one of Terje’s great ties!  

The Thunder and Lightning Tied by Allen Kuhlmann

Tweet Check out the Thunder and Lightning Spey Tube tied by Allen Kuhlmann from Ullerslev, Denmark. Really beautiful tie!

Opal Buzzer Step by Step by Reese Conner

Tweet Reese Connor  comes from Stranocum, a small village in Northern Ireland close to the River Bush. Reese has put together these instructions for his favorite buzzer pattern. Take out your vise and follow along! Tying the #18 Opal Buzzer: Hook:TMC 200R Thread: Red 8/0 Uni Thread Rib: UV Krinkle Flash Thorax: Peacock Herl Head:…

Almost Hatched…Another Great Tie by Jimbo

Tweet Jimbo’s  Almost Hatched Extended Body Fly.

Eleven Mile Reservoir Beauty 26″ Cutbow

Tweet Caught By: Jimbo Where it was caught: Eleven Mile Reservoir Length: 26″ We are in the middle of our first December cold snap. I had to find something to remind me that this too shall pass. What better than this great photo of Jimbo with this beautiful cut from 11 Mile Reservoir only a…

Jimbo’s Caddis Pupa 2

Tweet Jim is a local Colorado Springs tier. His patterns are sure t0 catch some fish! Tie some up and post your catch in our photo section. Tight lines.

Bear’s Bead Gnat – Step by Step by Ken Elliott

Tweet Thread: Uni 8/0 Black Hook Size: 12 scud Peacock Herl: 2 or 3 {your choice} Snowshoe hares foot Step: 1 Put hook in vise with bead and start thread close in behind bead and wind back 2/3 mm. Take peacock herls and position them in line with the hook, along its center and wrap…

My dreamfish by Raffaela

Tweet Caught By: Raffaela Hönel Where it was caught: Austria near Kitzbühl

Caddis Pupa Tied by Thomas Grubert

Tweet Thomas Grubert  is a talented tier from Kassel, Germany. We are happy to add this great Caddis Pupa to our database. Check out Thomas’s other ties.  

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